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Chiropractic Care

Providing the best Chiropractic care to downtown Toronto means using state of the art Chiropractic techniques to maximize spinal correction to allow people to live a healthier, pain-free and stress-free life. Spinal misalignments can pinch or irritate the nerves in your spine, this leads to not only pain or discomfort, but also a lowered state of health.

Our Chiropractic clinic, located in Downtown Toronto, focuses on creating a long-term correction of your spine that gets your spine healthy and keeps it healthy. This is much different than the patchwork care that so many other clinics tend to focus on. When you create a long term correction to a problem, it goes away and stays away….this tends to make people very happy.

We work very hard to get you better and often we use lifestyle modifications so that you develop a healthy spine lifestyle. This change in lifestyle and habits works to eliminate day to day damage that you are doing to your spine. However, lifestyle modifications don’t correct or eliminate all the damage done to your spine on a daily basis so maintenance or wellness based adjustments become an integral part of your ongoing health care once you have corrected your initial problem.

The Chiropractic adjustment is the most important part of your chiropractic care. The adjustment is a highly specialized movement applied to the joints on your spine that is controlled and very safe. The adjustment restores the proper alignment and motion to your spine. Spinal vertebrae that do not move proper or are misaligned can irritate or put pressure onto the nerves in your spine, this can not only cause pain and discomfort, but also affect whatever that particular nerve controls. The Chiropractic adjustment is a very precise procedure that should only be done by a Chiropractor, many professions try to imitate the Chiropractic adjustment, but that is all it is, an imitation. No other profession spends as much time as a Chiropractor on learning and perfecting the adjustment, this leads to the Chiropractic adjustment being very safe and effective.

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