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Our Approach

We Aren't Average.  

At The Well Adjusted Chiropractic We Strive For Excellence In Every Part Of Your Care.

We Are Not Your Everyday Average Chiropractic Clinic, We Are A Fun, Passionate, Friendly, Caring, and Extremely Talented Team.

Our goal is to take your spine from an unhealthy state all the way to a healthy state.  Once we get your spine to a healthy state, our goal is to keep it that way.  It is so much harder to take someone from an unhealthy spinal state to a healthy spinal state than it is to keep them in a healthy state.

Our approach is to offer corrective Chiropractic solutions to get you and your spine where they need to be.  For many patients, this involves a corrective course of Chiropractic care.  Once your corrective care is completed, we take follow up x-rays to determine how well you are doing.  Patients are routinely blown away with how well they have done on their follow up x-rays.

Once you have corrected your spine.  This is where the easy part of care begins:  Wellness Care.  We want you to maintain your spine in a good healthy state!

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