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How To Choose A Chiropractor

A lot of people we meet in and around Toronto ask us: “How do I know if I’m choosing the right chiropractor or not?” To help you in your quest for better health we created a list of things to look for when choosing a Chiropractor!

They Take X-Rays

An initial history and examination are great, and will help the doctor to form an understanding of what is going on, but it doesn’t allow you to see everything. X-rays allow your chiropractor to see through your body and identify whether it is safe or not to adjust your spine, but also it allows us to identify any damage, the degree of damage, and any underlying structural changes that need addressing.

They Don’t Adjust You The Same Day

There are exceptions to this such as emergency situations, but generally your doctor should spend some time reviewing your file and determining an appropriate course of care.

They Personally Review The Results Of Your Exam And X-rays

You need to understand what caused your health concern. You go to a doctor to get answers and results. Reviewing and explaining your findings gives you answers.

They Outline A Course Of Care For You In Writing

A doctor should have researched your condition and should be able to tell you what is needed for treatment before starting care. This way, you have a direction where you are going, a time frame to achieve your results, and all the costs associated with your treatment. No more hidden fees or “just keep coming in” type of care.


They Actually Adjust Your Spine

Not all adjustments make the big “crack” sound, but an adjustment is what makes a chiropractor a chiropractor. It is unique to our profession, and has the most profound results for patients.

They Get Results. Healthcare Is Tricky

Everyone is unique and has different issues affecting their care, which is why a cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. Sometimes people respond right away or may be longer depending on how long the cause has been there. But as we talked about before, all this information should be outlined for you in writing.

They Routinely Assess Your Progress And Ask For Feedback


Progress exams give the doctor feedback as to how you are progressing and allow the doctor to adapt your care plan to how you are responding.


They Care About You As A Patient

Are you a number or a patient? It doesn’t take long to figure this one out.


They Treat The Cause And Not The Symptoms


Symptoms are a result of something going wrong. If we don’t correct what is going wrong, then symptoms will return. Correct the cause, not it’s effect. It’s the same as concept as providing care for the patient with the disease, not the disease itself.


At The End Of Your Corrective Care, They Take X-rays To Show You The Change


Feeling great is fantastic and it’s why people come to see us, but you what to SEE that you have corrected the problem. Make sure you can check everything off this list when you are trying to decide where to go. Every single patient that steps through our door can check off all ten on this list.


Call us at 416-504-8880 to book an initial assessment, or if you prefer, ask if you can come in and just talk to Dr. Hannikainen (Dr. Matt is fine….) and see if he is right for you.

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