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What To Expect

The first time you come to our clinic, it is our goal to make you feel as comfortable as you would feel walking into your own home.  We will always greet you with a warm friendly smile, and show you around the clinic so you become familiar with the surroundings and everyone that works here. 


Being in downtown Toronto, we know that your time is important, we strive to run on time for every appointment you will have at our clinic.

We are a very open and honest clinic and we don’t want you to have any surprises, we wanted to give you a little tour about what your visits would be like at our chiropractic clinic.

Your First Visit

On your first visit to our clinic, we will welcome you with a smile and give you a tour of the office so you can get more familiar with us and the clinic.

You will then have a seat in the reception and fill out a chiropractic health history before your initial visit.

Once you are finished your health history, Dr. Hannikainen will take you to our exam room where you and Dr. Hannikainen will review your case history with you.  This consultation helps to lead Dr. Hannikainen as to where and what might be causing your problem.

Following the consultation, Dr. Hannikainen will perform a comprehensive examination of your spine and your nervous system.

Once your examination is complete, you will be sent for x-rays (if necessary).

At the end of your first visit, you will escorted to the front desk where we will explain where to go for your x-rays as well as set you up for second appointment which is called your report of findings.  The time between your first and second appointments will allow Dr. Hannikainen enough time to review your case history and x-rays and come up with an appropriate course of chiropractic care.

Your Second Visit

On your second visit (called your Report of Findings), we will explain to you what we found as well as give you our recommendation for chiropractic care.

The benefit of having your first two visits separated allows Dr. Hannikainen time to review your case and come up with an effective chiropractic care plan so we can correct your problem and help you regain your health for years to come.

Typically your second visit is your longest appointment and often is often 1-1.5 hours long.  During your Report of Findings, we give you all the information that you need to make a decision whether you would want to move forward with care.  Should you decide to move forward with care, your first adjustment occurs following your report of findings.

Following your first adjustment, we will schedule you for your third appointment.

Your Third Visit

At the start of your third visit, Dr. Hannikainen will ask you for feedback about how you responded to your first chiropractic adjustment.

You will then sit down with Dr. Hannikainen and he will outline a course of care for you in writing, explaining the course of care and when you would start any home exercises or stretches.

Following this explanation of the care schedule you will receive your second adjustment.

Regular Visits

Since each adjustment builds upon the last, a series of adjustments are often needed to help you reach your goal.  The adjustment helps to build a lasting correction to your problem and allow you to achieve a lifetime of health and wellness.

Your regular visit is most often an adjustment.  Now that you and Dr. Hannikainen have a plan and a direction you are headed with your care, your regular visits can be shorter in comparison.

At regular intervals, we will take a time out and assess your progress in your care.  This visit is called a progress exam and it helps us to determine if we need to modify any aspect of your care and whether some home exercises or stretches can begin.

New Patient Paperwork

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